A two-day retreat for music and creative teams who desire renewal in their souls, communities, and worship.

July 20-21 • Rochester, NY

A retreat for your team including:

• Teachings and worship from Guitars For Glory
• Meals and materials included
• Overnight option for you and your team

Roberts Wesleyan College
2301 Westside Drive, Rochester NY, 14626

Our Vision

The invitation to worship is a call to join in community with God and with the church – to actively participate in the redemptive work of the Spirit here on earth and in our communities.

Many of those who lead worship often find that they spend most of their energy creating experiences for others to encounter God. Unfortunately, this often happens at their own expense, and they miss out on the fullness of the invitation Christ offers us to participate in a worship as a vibrant way of living. The result: exhaustion, unresolved conflict, burnout.

Friends, it doesn’t need to be this way.

The Rest Is Noise retreat seeks to guide worship team members who are looking for something different and deeper in their spiritual practice. We find purpose in the act of using our gifts, talents, and abilities as an act of worship. We are weary, and God says to all who are weary to lay down our burdens and find rest for our souls.

We will join together, learn from one another’s experiences, and invest in caring for our souls as people who regularly lead our local congregations in worship. This work, we believe, will allow us to serve our communities even better, to keep our desire for worship alive, and allow us to live for something eternal.

What is it?

• A spiritual retreat: learning how to be still in the midst of a noisy world.

• An opportunity to spend extended quality time with your worship team.

• A chance to connect locally with the broader worship community.

• A time to serve the community not on stage, but in the trenches.

• An environment to discover deeper spiritual practices and disciplines to strengthen both yourself and your creative team.

What is it not?

• Another worship conference.

• About your instrument, gear, plugins, or pedalboards.

• A time to practice, soundcheck, or put in the typical ‘work’ of ministry.

Speakers & Worship Leaders

Jeffrey Roeters

Dave Kooistra

Matthew Oullette

Shannon Pritzkau

Andrea D'Angelo

Jeff Parshall

Hosted at Roberts Wesleyan College

Where: 2301 Westside Drive, Rochester NY, 14626

When: Friday July 20 - Saturday July 21

Ammenities: Meals provided by RWC, Dorms and suites for overnight

* Overnight option Friday evening available. $25 fee for lodging.


*Subject to Change


6:00 - 7:00pm – Registration

7:30pm – Worship and Main Session: "Washing" with Matt Ouellette

Overnight stay (optional)

Saturday AM

8:00am – Breakfast

9:00am – Morning Worship
9:20am – Main Session: "Thirsting" with Matt Ouellette


10:15am – Mini Session 1: "Worship through Trial" with Jeffrey Roeters"
10:45am – Mini Session 2: “Sanctified Selfishness: How Solitude Saved My Life” with Andrea D'Angelo

11:15am – Prayer Stations

Saturday PM

12:00pm – Lunch

1:00pm – Afternoon Worship
1:20pm – Main Session: "Resting" with Matt Ouellette

2:00pm – Prayer Stations

3:00pm – Mini Session 3: GFG Panel on Managing Conflict
3:30pm – Mini Session 4: "Prayer and Intercession" with Jeffrey Parshall

4:30pm – Close

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Guitars for Glory?
Guitars For Glory is a nonprofit organization that exists to equip the world for worship by sending guitars, instruments, and resources around the world. Learn more at guitarsforglory.com

Do I have to come with a team?
No! We welcome individuals as well as teams to participate. If you belong to a creative team at your church, we encourage you to invite them so that your team can experience the retreat together.

Do I have to attend both days?
We strongly encourage attendance for the entire retreat so that you have the best and fullest experience possible. If you have conflict or extenuating circumstance, you may leave the retreat and return but note that we are not granting partial payments for missed sessions.

What are the optional overnight accommodations?
Individuals and teams will have dorm style accomodations on campus at Roberts Wesleyan College. You will need to bring your own linens or sleeping bag and toiletries.

Is there an age limit to attend?
The retreat is designed for adults 18+. If you believe that this event would enrich a student on your team, please write us a note and we may be able to make an exception.


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